Worldwide Idea &
Solution Hub

Wishcompany is created for the purpose of global marketing which is
targeted for overseas beauty industry, and also specialized in
on-and-off lines distribution for abroad.

Worldwide Idea & Solution Hub is our vision since the company has been established.
We are aimed to understand and set strategies for overseas market to develop an independent way of
distribution and marketing channel platform. There should be long-term strategies utilizing abundant
and the world-wide network, to have a great success in expansion other than domestic realm.
We will produce enormous performance for Korean cosmetic business to be succeeded over the
border with our independent expert and technical skills based on global networks.

  • Wish Company helps
    Korean beauty industries
    to expand their capacity
  • We strive for Korean cosmetics and culture to be broadened by reaching out to over 400,000
    of our fans within
    70 different countries.
  • We concentrate on
    studying and executing
    new ideas for generating
    solutions concerning
    our goals and values.
  • We lead a borderless
    and assertive alliance that
    we truly believe in.
    A valued cooperating that
    will lead us to greater success.


Wish Company produces a higher valued standing on a basis of fusion with various businesses through on-and-off line strategies.
Brands from the above are online B2C commerce which sells
Korean products to customers within more than 70 countries.

We service convenient and fast payment that carries over direct shipment,
providing opportunities through a variety of promotions for customers
to experience the excellence of Korean cosmetics.
Launching Korean products in 20 countries throughout Asia and
Eastern Europe by B2B business.

Moreover, we present outstanding techniques of Korea
by progressing OEM/ODM with internal and external partners.
Providing customers with access to independent media platform such as
Wishtrend TV (Youtube)

and Wishtrend Glam (Blog).
Giving helpful advise for cosmetics and life tips, offering our subscribers
the guidance and information they are seeking.
Klairs produces hypo-allergenic cosmetics for thos with sensitive skin types.
Providing solutions to calm sensitive and tired skin with exclusive
ingredients and moisturizing formula’s. They endeavour to make your skin
better in addition to the environment.


Wishcompany have partnership to expand leading brands to abroad.


Any partnership and cooperative service are welcomed.

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