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2018년 April 16일
Recruitment: Social Media Marketing
2018년 April 27일


Wishcompany creates added value for customers and the society. We fully support our staff to ensure that they work in an autonomous and proactive environment. We invite talented individuals to apply to Wishcompany where you can dream big and do great things.

Core Values

At Wishcompany, we value trust, growth, and harmony.

First and foremost, the company was built on trust. We gained our reputation as a trustworthy company by keeping promises and adhering to the basics as well as repaying favors and correcting mistakes. Our corporate culture of trust extends to our business relationships and allows us to offer better products and services to our customers.

Secondly, we believe that encouraging growth opens up new opportunities. Wishcompany inspires employees to take risks and provides career development opportunities for staff to expand their professional capacity. Our teams dream big and achieve their goals.

Lastly, harmony empowers each employee to reach his/her full potential. A well-harmonized group acknowledges and respects each other’s differences. Wishcompany encourages genuine communication and team spirit to foster mutual respect and empathy among team members.

We maintain a sustainable corporate culture based on trust, growth, and harmony.


Wishcompany consists of eight organically-connected labs. Each lab operates with an experimental spirit to produce high-quality products and services. We invite talented individuals to join our core divisions.


At Wishcompany, you will not be judged by age, academic background or work experience. Instead, all employees start on the same page and are expected to grow and improve as a team.
We offer great benefits and welfare. We supply cosmetics to our employees and offer half-days every other month. We avoid unnecessary company dinners and instead provide a welfare fund to ensure a great work-life balance. Other benefits include an annual medical checkup and a free weekly meal. We also offer club activities and study groups and are planning on further expanding the list.

Dear Applicants

Thank you for your interest in Wishcompany.

Good matching is very important for both the applicant and the company. As such, we ask you to please apply with a clear idea on why you want to work at Wishcompany and carefully consider whether you agree with the company’s vision and direction.

We, in turn, promise to carefully review each applicant and select those who are a good fit for the company.

All job openings are announced on our official website. Please refer to our announcements page to see the hiring schedule and feel free to make inquiries via