Klairs Launches ‘Fundamental Eye Duo’, a Set of 2 New Products for Your Delicate and Dehydrated Eye Area

-’Eye Butter’ with rich nutrition without being greasy, and ‘Eye Gel’ with hydrating sensation...now at 10% launch sale

-Contains a high percentage of active ingredients including quad peptides, red bean extract, caffeine, and more

Klairs just launched their first eye area care products. dear,Klairs, a skincare brand for sensitive skin from the beauty brand·content development company Wishcompany (CEO Soungho Park, www.wishcompany.net) announced their 2 new products; Fundamental Eye Awakening Gel and Fundamental Nourishing Eye Butter.

The ‘Fundamental’ line from Klairs is known for containing a high percentage of active ingredients, and the recent 2 additions for the line also contains a considerable amount of quad peptides, red bean extract, caffeine, and many more.

The Fundamental Eye Awakening Gel’ is perfect for busy mornings, as it presents cooling and hydrating sensation. The gel-type moisturizer contains red bean extract, caffeine, and quad peptides to provide moisture on your delicate and dehydrated eye area. It’s suitable for everyone including oily skin and people who aren’t familiar with eye care products, and the quick absorption with a refreshing finish also enables you to apply the gel right before the makeup.

The Fundamental Nourishing Eye Butter’ contains quad peptides and sunflower seed oil that is rich in vitamin A and vitamin E to provide rich nutrition without being overly greasy. The butter-like texture melts away around your delicate eye area creating a layer of much-needed nutrition, rendering your eye area bouncy and elastic. While the eye butter has more thick viscosity than the gel, it is suitable for every skin type as well as it is still absorbed quickly without leaving stickiness and heaviness.

Klairs is a skincare brand for sensitive skin that pursues sustainability and develops cruelty-free products that are also free of PEG, silicone, artificial fragrance, and other toxic ingredients, while also striving to make them vegan-friendly.

To celebrate its launch, Klairs is having a 10% off on the Fundamental Eye Duo on Wishtrend.com.

PR Contact: pr@wishcompany.net

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