WishCompany Story: Behind the Scenes of the Shout out to Wishtrenders Promotion

WishCompany Story
: Behind the Scenes of the Shout out to Wishtrenders Promotion

WishCompany is a global commerce, skincare, and content company based in Seoul. They value trust, growth, and the power of collaboration within the company.
This past March, WishCompany’s global ecommerce platform, “Wishtrend” (www.wishtrend.com), ran a promotion called “Shoutout to Wishtrenders”.

This promotion was a collaboration between the Wishtrend global commerce, marketing, and media content team as they joined forces to give back the love and support they received from Wishtrenders all over the world. The global commerce sales team, the media content team (Wishtrend TV), and the global marketing team were grouped into three skin care type categories: Team Dry, Team Oily, and Team Sensitive. Altogether, team members shared their skin care routines and tips through creative content.
Read on to learn more about the promotion and the special teams behind this project.

#1 Wendy: Global Commerce Marketing Lab Leader #TeamDry & Flaky Skin

Wendy, the Global Commerce Marketing Manager for Wishtrend as well the editor of GLAM (Wishtrend editorial), shared her skincare journey. To start off, Wendy struggles with dry, flaky skin, especially during the cold winter months. So before using any product, one of the first things she does is check to see if there are any ingredients that dry out her skin. She also changes her cleanser to a more hydrating one during the winter. Using both cleansing oil and foaming cleanser, she is able to control the moisture levels of her skin.

"Wendy's Skincare Routine"


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Rather than jumping into the toner step, Wendy starts off with the Quad Active Boosting Essence from By Wishtrend. This helps prep her skin to enhance the hydration level of her skin. Next, she uses I’m From’s Rice toner, which she describes to be the “holy grail product for dry, flaky skin”. After toning the skin, she uses the Klairs Watery Oil Drop. Last but not least, she uses the Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream, which has been in her routine for the past 3 and a half years, to moisturize and calm her skin. She recommends rubbing your hands together to warm them up and covering your face at the end of your routine. The heat from your palms will help the products seep deeper into your skin. Overall, Wendy has seen improvement in her skin after being consistent with this routine for over a year. Wendy recommends this skincare routine for anyone suffering from dry, dehydrated skin, because after all, who doesn’t need extra hydration?

#2 Rachel: Global Commerce Lab Leader #TeamOily & Combination Skin

Rachel, a Global Commerce Lab leader, has been at Wishtrend for 5 years. Over the years, she has become passionate about growing Wishtrend globally. The growth and the genuine product reviews by Wishtrenders has kept her and her team motivated. As for her skin, Rachel shared that she struggles with visible pores in the T-Zone, the part of your face that has the most oil secreting glands. Furthermore, her skin also gets dehydrated and flaky in the winter.

"Rachel's Skincare Routine" 


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When it comes to her skin, less is more. She emphasizes the importance of finding the skin regimen that suits your skin rather than whatever is trending in skincare.
Rachel starts by cleansing her skin with I’m From’s Cleansing Balm to remove oil and impurities. Next, she uses the Rovectin Conditioning Cleanser to remove excess oil and moisturize her skin. Then, she dampens cotton pads with the By Wishtrend Mandelic Acid Skin Prep Water and applies it to her face. After, she uses the Klairs Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop to prevent her skin from losing elasticity. Last but not least, she makes a cream mask by mixing the Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner and Klairs Supple Preparation All Over Lotion (1:1 ratio). She dampens some cotton pads with this cream mask and puts it on her face so the products can fully absorb into the skin. She also exfoliates 2 to 3 times a week depending on her skin condition. She recommends this routine for anyone with oily skin and excessive dead skin cells. 

#3 Ella: Media Contents Lab Leader #TeamSensitive & Acne Skin

"Ella's Skincare Routine"


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First, Ella starts off by double cleansing her face with the Klairs Gentle Black Fresh Cleansing Oil. This light cleansing oil helps to remove whiteheads and blackheads. Next, she uses the By Wishtrend Green Tea Enzyme Powder Wash to exfoliate her skin without irritation. After exfoliation, she uses the By Wishtrend Clear Skin Patch and the Klairs Skin Hydrating Water with cotton pads to cool down her skin. She uses the I’m From Mugworth Essence to calm and soothe her skin, especially when her skin has breakouts. Finally, she uses the Klairs Midnight Black Calming Cream to cool down her skin temperature. Overall, Ella recommends her skincare routine to anyone who has acne prone, sensitive skin. 


Communication Lab had the opportunity to interview staff members involved in the Shoutout to Wishtrenders promotion. We interviewed Rachel from Global Commerce Lab, Sehee from Global Commerce Marketing Lab, and Joy from Media Contents Lab. They spoke about their job and their experience working on the Shoutout to Wishtrenders promotion.

<Rachel’s Interview> 

Q. What do you do at Wishcompany?
I’m in charge of global ecommerce at Wishtrend. Our team focuses on sales performance and customer experience metrics. We also optimize  website operation, strategizing sales and marketing plans to achieve sales growth. We collaborate with our affiliate partners to expand our brands and products globally.

Q. How did you feel when you were asked to do Shoutout to Wishtrenders promotion?
I was nervous, because I’m not used to being in front of the camera. It was the first time I was on camera for Wishtrend, and it turned out to be a fun experience overall.

Q. What was special about Shoutout to Wishtrenders?
We run many promotions throughout the year, and one of the biggest is the Black Friday event. However, we had many technical difficulties last year so we wanted to do something meaningful for our Wishtrenders this year. This project was also special because other lab leaders and I were able to come together to express our gratitude to our loyal Wishtrenders.

Q. What were some challenges you faced during this project?
It was hard at first because 3 different lab leaders had to work together while we were working on other projects. Nevertheless, I thought we all did a great job collaborating.

Q. What are some future goals you hope to accomplish at Wishtrend?
I hope to keep communicating with Wishtrenders and build brand awareness. Wishtrend has grown so much over the past years, and we have potential to keep growing.

<Sehee’s Interview> 

Q. What do you do at Wishcompany?
As a  Global Commerce Marketing lab member, I am in charge of all things social media for Wishtrend. To be specific, I plan and create quality content for Wishtrend. Some of my daily duties include planning social media content and tracking content engagement.

Q. What were some of the challenges you faced? 
Because we weren’t working with influencers, we were worried about how the video shoot would go. I was in charge of asking the questions for the Youtube videos, and I tried to make Rachel, Wendy, and Ella feel comfortable on camera. Overall, I thought the Shoutout to Wishtrend promotion was great because it was a creative way to involve Wishcompany employees in a promotion. 

Q. What was your favorite content from the promotion?
Planning and editing the Instagram reel content was my favorite type of content from the promotion shoot. However, it wasn’t easy, because it can take up to 2 hours to just edit Instagram reels which can be either 15 to 30 seconds in length. Nevertheless, I thought Rachel, Wendy, and Ella did a great job filming the reels.  #Wendy's Reels  #Rachel's Reels #Ella's Reels 

Q. What are some future goals you hope to accomplish at Wishtrend? 
Moving forward, I hope our team can consistently make creative content for multiple social media platforms. Posting authentic and organic content is important these days. People want to see authenticity from the brands they follow online, so our lab’s goal is to continue making authentic and relevant content. 

<Joy’s Interview> 

Q. What do you do at Wishcompany?
I am the Media Contents Lab leader and in charge of production for Wishtrend TV. My team and I are in charge of planning and executing everything in production. 

Q. What was the planning process like?
Originally, we were going to feature all three interviewers in one video, but we had so much good content from the video shoot that we decided to split them up into three separate videos. I also wanted the staff members to feel involved with the planning process, so I asked them where they wanted to be interviewed and what outfits they wanted to wear.

Media Content Lab Member Penn overseeing the shoot (front) and Media Content Lab Member Jude Preparing for the shoot (behind)

Q. What was it like on the day of filming?
Filming days can start off hectic because there is so much going on and we have limited time to get all the content we need. I could tell some of the girls were nervous on camera in the beginning, but later, everyone loosened up and we had a great time. 

Q. Were there any spontaneous moments?
Some of the content we filmed on the day of the shoot was spontaneous. For example, filming tik tok dances on set was unplanned, but we had so much fun with it that the whole staff got involved too. Overall, filming took 9 hours, but it was worth it.  I hope to do this again with other staff members next time.

Q. What are some future goals you hope to accomplish at Wishcompany?
Our media contents lab and I hope to collaborate with other Wishcompany labs to create more fun and effective campaigns/projects like the Shoutout to Wishtrenders promotion. Everything from planning and executing the promotion was exciting and I hope to do the promotion again with other staff members at our company.


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