Sales Increased by
30% in 2023

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Certified as a
Hidden Champion

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Dear, Klairs

Dear, Klairs
Won the Grand Prize in
Vegan Cosmetic
of the Year 2023

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Mind Nook

Wishcompany Expands
Mind Wellness Business
by Releasing
AI Meditation Music

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The Latest News

Positive Beauty Everywhere!

Wishcompany, established in 2010, has actively spread the philosophy of positive beauty, marking significant growth as a global K-beauty content company. It is beloved both in Korea and internationally, featuring beauty brands such as Dear, Klairs, By Wishtrend, elmt, and the mind wellness brand Mind Nook. Wishcompany's products have secured their place as best-sellers across online and offline distribution channels in over 70 countries worldwide. Wishcompany engages with an audience of over 9 million followers through hosting a variety of beauty content, including its leading channel Wishtrend TV.

Our Brands

  • Dear, Klairs is a lifestyle brand that
    respects everyone's unique sensitivities,
    empowering individuals
    to embrace their own beauty

  • By Wishtrend is a high-functioning
    skincare brand that accompanies you
    on the journey to uncovering
    our unique beauty

  • elmt is a 'direct cosmetic' brand that
    focuses on solving skin issues more effectively by
    eliminating unnecessary ingredients,
    adopting a researcher's approach

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