Dear, Klairs Launches New Product “All-day Airy Sunscreen”

- SPF testing conducted from multiple domestic and international clinical testing agencies... SPF 50+ PA++++ certified
- Less emulsifiers and more moisturizing ingredients in its proprietary formulation for excellent blocking abilities and texture
- Daily item that can be used from face to body without a white cast or greasy feeling
- Triple action product that includes soothing ingredients for sun protection, wrinkle improvement, and brightening functions

Beauty brand, content, and commerce company Wishcompany (CEO Soungho Park) announced on the 31st that its skincare brand Dear, Klairs released its newest product "All-day Airy Sunscreen," which was certified through multiple clinical tests for its powerful ability to block UV rays.

"All-day Airy Sunscreen" was thoroughly inspected, from its UV protection index (SPF 50+/PA+++) to the product ingredients. The proprietary formula development process started in January of last year, and the product's effects were verified through three UV protection clinical trials from multiple domestic and international clinical trial agencies. The product technology and safety were verified through various clinical tests including the eye irritation test, primary skin irritation test, primary irritation test for sensitive skin, etc. so that the product can be safely used by anyone.

The new "All-day Airy Sunscreen" offers powerful UV protection effects with a refreshing texture, boasting the company's proprietary prescription technology. By understanding the characteristics of a product that gets used every day, less emulsifiers were used as they can cause skin irritation, and moisturizing ingredients were increased so that the product is both skin-friendly and safe to use.

The product also has an improved lightweight texture with a less sticky finish or greasy feeling, which is typical in many sunscreens. The product feels refreshing like an essence or a lotion, and adheres to the skin without leaving a white cast or thick film. Its moisture and soft texture serve as the perfect base before applying makeup.

As a triple action product, it contains adenosine and niacinamide to block UV rays while improving wrinkles and brightness. It contains four different berry extracts, allantoin, and maca (Lepidium meyenii) root extract to gently soothe irritated skin, thereby protecting the skin from external irritation.

Manager Sejin Kwon from the Product Development Team at the Klairs brand stated, "All-day Airy Sunscreen is expected to protect skin that is easily damaged by UV rays, thanks to its verified UV protection index," and "We hope that the All-day Airy Sunscreen will become a daily product that is loved by many customers for its lightweight texture and powerful UV protection anytime, anywhere."

Meanwhile, Klairs will be offering discount of up to 15% on the "All-day Airy Sunscreen" until the 8th in celebration of the new product launch. For more details, please visit Klairs' official online mall at (