Wishcompany’s “Transformation of Empty Bottles!
Donate by purchasing upcycled products”

- Exclusive sale of “RE-USE Organizer” made with empty bottles and waste plastic through Naver Happybean
- Global launching of the “Use Well, Re-use Well” campaign... Aims to establish a resource circulation system for empty bottles

Dear, Klairs, the representative brand of Wishcompany (CEO Park Soung-ho), a global beauty company, announced on the 13th that they will start crowdfunding on Naver Happybean for upcycling products that were produced with cosmetics containers.

Dear, Klairs will sell its “RE-USE Organizer,” made of empty cosmetics bottles and waste plastic, through Naver Happybean for a limited period until the end of March. The “RE-USE Organizer” consists of Dear, Klairs’ steady-seller products; Supple Preparation Unscented Toner, Rich Moist Soothing Cream, and “All-day Airy Sunscreen,” which was released last year.

The upcycling product scheduled for sale has been developed as part of the MOU to build an “Empty Cosmetic Bottle Resource Circulation System” signed by Wishcompany and smart waste resource management company Reco in May last year. All proceeds from the merchandise sold through the crowdfunding will be donated.

Dear, Klairs launched the campaign on Earth Day on April 22nd last year under the slogan “Use Well, Re-use Well.” The campaign was designed to collect empty plastic bottles from all online and offline skincare brands to re-find their usage. The company is considering expansion of the campaign to overseas countries, starting with Indonesia and advancing to Vietnam, Malaysia, etc.

Wishcompany collected 1,778 empty bottles, through this campaign, achieving approximately 538.49kg of carbon dioxide reduction. This has the equivalent effect of planting 80 30-year-old pine trees.

Park Soung-ho, CEO of Wishcompany, said, “Wishcompany has not only been limited to production and sales but also has been aiming to utilize empty bottles and build a sustainable resource circulation ecosystem after product usage.” He added, “We will continue to carry out activities where customers and our brand can sympathize with the value of the circular economy.”