Wishcompany Wellness Content Brand “Mind Nook” Conducts Offline Exhibition

- "Mind Nook," content channel based on professional meditation theory, exceeds 800,000 followers through word of mouth with its unique concept
- Expansion of wellness content on short video platforms such as Tik Tok, with increasing channels specializing in keywords such as wellness and meditation
- Meditation applications "Calm," "Mabo," "Lucid," and other meditation content gain popularity for offering classes

There are more and more services and content based on wellness keywords under the theme of "medication" or "rest." The wellness trend is evident based on the increase in channels that focus on related keyword content on short video content platforms.

One of the most representative meditation channels is "Mindnook" from Wishcompany. Mindnook is a brand that was designed to provide users with comfortable rest and healthy inspiration. It offers content under various themes for the wellness of global users, such as ASMR and meditation content developed based on professional meditation theory. The brand has quietly gathered over 800,000 subscribers through pure word of mouth on TikTok with its uniquely calming and gentle content.

Mindnook will be holding an offline exhibition based on this popularity. The first exhibition will be at the VIP lounge and media exhibition space in the Cheyul flagship store in Sinsa-dong, Seoul. It shows the handicraft creation process of the Cheyul brand, which reinterprets unique artworks of Korea in a modern sense. The images and sounds of nature and the daily life were developed into content using Mindnook's unique vibe. The exhibition's special feature lies in the beautiful expression of the handicraft process through ethereal illustrations.

Hansaem Ma, Wishcompany Content Business Team Leader, stated, "Everyone who visits Cheyul's flagship store will be able to experience Cheyul's brand through Mindnook's images while also feeling a sense of rest and relaxation," and "We hope to give more people a sense of rest for their minds and bodies through more diverse online and offline endeavors."

Wishcompany owns several skincare beauty brands, such as "Dear, Klairs" and "By Wishtrend" with over 6 million subscribers worldwide. It is expanding its reach into diverse new trends, such as wellness content channel Mindnook under the subject of rest and meditation.