Wishcompany Holds “K-Beauty Global Seminar…” Sharing Strategies for Global Markets

- Wishcompany, Skin1004, and others with global billion-seller records share their know-how and successful cases
- Global marketing trends from overseas creators... scheduled to be held at d·camp on March 7

The vivid success stories and know-how of hands-on workers in the K-Beauty companies that have generated billions of won in sales, with over 50% coming from overseas markets, will be revealed.

Wishcompany, a global beauty content company led by CEO Park Soung-ho, is hosting an upcoming global marketing seminar titled "The Path to Become a Global Beauty Brand with Sales of 10 Billion Won" in collaboration with Nurihaus and Picky. The event will take place on March 7th at d·camp in Seoul.

The primary objective of the seminar is to share the expertise of Korean companies that have successfully maintained K-Beauty's global status amidst the rapidly changing business landscape. It aims to provide valuable insights to beauty companies and brands planning to expand their reach into the global market.

The seminar will consist of three sessions. The first session, "The Path to Become a Global Beauty Brand with Sales of 10 Billion Won," is a panel talk featuring hands-on workers from Skin1004, ISNTREE, and other companies that have grown significantly through partnerships with Picky. The second session, titled "K-Beauty Marketing Status Viewed by Foreign Creators," will be conducted by Nurihaus. This session will feature success stories of creators active in major regions worldwide, including the Middle East, Russia, Europe, and the US.

The final session of the seminar, "Global Market, a GenZ Brand's Dream," will be a panel talk featuring Choi Jung-ho, Senior Manager of the Brand Incubation Lab at Wishcompany, who will share his insights and concerns regarding global marketing with beauty startups such as HEMEKO and LUOES.

According to Wishcompany's CEO, Park Soung-ho, K-Beauty has been thriving in the global market for over a decade due to the continuous efforts of Korean companies and startups to create innovative brands and high-quality products. He also emphasized that Wishcompany is committed to working together with existing companies to further elevate the status of K-Beauty, especially for emerging companies.

Despite changing marketing trends such as D2C and C2C, these companies have maintained K-Beauty's global status through continuous communication with customers and strategic business practices. As a result, they have achieved significant annual revenue growth in the tens of billions of won, with at least 50% of sales coming from overseas markets.