Wishcompany Reaches 7.2 Million Subscriber Milestone…Communicating through K-Beauty Content

- Celebrating its 10th anniversary, "Wishtrend TV" achieves 2 million YouTube subscribers with English K-beauty content
- The first Korean beauty company to receive a Gold button from YouTube in 2019, achieving 7.2 million followers through TikTok and Instagram expansion
- Diverse subscribers from various countries, 28% from Southeast Asia, 12% from Europe, 11% from North and South America and Australia communicate consistently via K-beauty keywords

Global beauty content provider Wishcompany (CEO Park Soung-ho) announced that they have reached 7.2 million subscribers across all their content channels, including their YouTube channel "Wishtrend TV" on the 31st.

"Wishtrend TV," which was launched on YouTube in 2013 as the main beauty content channel of Wishcompany, celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. Beginning with providing beauty tips and product reviews, such as "Skinpedia," "Beauty Facts Unboxing," and "Wishtrend TV vs" and expanding to "Glow Up Project" and "Wishtrend Fitness TV," which present different content under the motto of "Health and Happy Life," it has been actively producing content for ten years.

In its sixth year in 2019, "Wishtrend TV" became the first Korean beauty brand to reach 1 million subscribers and receive a Gold button from YouTube. This year on its 10th anniversary, it reached 2 million YouTube subscribers. Currently, "Wishtrend TV" has expanded its channel to Wishtrend TV Vietnam, Indonesia, and Japan, maintaining its popularity on over ten different channels by quickly responding to platform trends, such as on TikTok and Instagram. The total number of followers across all channels of Wishcompany is currently 7.2 million.

Wishtrend TV's popularity factors include △ providing informational content that aims to communicate instead of simply displaying products △ actively using K-beauty topics recognized globally △ and taking an interest and making consistent investments at the company level. "The top content on "Wishtrend TV" with over 10 million views is "Korean Anti-Aging Care Tips."

It is also known for having subscribers from countries all over the world. With 28% of subscribers from Southeast Asia, 12% from Europe, and 11% from North and South America and Australia, Wishtrend TV has subscribers from 92 different countries.

"Without full support and investment from the beauty company, it cannot create content, manage channels, and communicate with customers," said Bang Seo-hyun, Media Content Lab Manager of Wishcompany, and added, "Wishtrend TV will continue to avoid content that combines in-program advertising and offer better beauty products and content based on customer communication."

With a content-focused business strategy, Wishcompany has seen consistent growth over the past decade and recorded 61 billion won in revenue in 2021. The company has developed its representative brands such as "Dear, Klairs," "By Wishtrend," and "elmt" and offers products that meet customer needs.