Work beautifully,
grow healthily

Wishcompany sincerely and actively supports healthy lives and growth for our employees. We do our best to make the time spent working together meaningful and to build trust and harmony. We are looking for people who wish to join the Wishcompany, a company that has doubled its growth annually with this corporate culture.

WISH People.

Wishcompany considers mutual growth with our employees to be the most important value.
Wishcompany considers mutual growth with our employees to be the most important value. We do our best to minimize inefficient work and create a stable work environment through a diverse set of welfare improvements.

Furthermore, the Wishcompany is continually moving towards an ever more horizontal corporate culture. By shedding position-based designations and minimizing unnecessary processes, we promote free and active exchanges of opinions between employees, and we actively collect a diverse range of opinions so that the company's results and corporate culture are built by all of us.

WISH Team.

  • Creative.
    We create brands and brand stories
    and make various attempts to deliver them properly.
  • Market Growth.
    We are responsible for distributing our brand to more than 70 countries around the world. We implement localized marketing strategies to expand our position in each country and market.
  • Operation.
    We build the digital environment that soothes out the operation and think about how to construct a sound corporate structure and culture to foster the mutual growth of the employers.

We consider trust, growth,
and harmony as very important values

Wish Company considers trust, growth, and harmony as extremely important values. On the business side of things, we are steadily building a foundation that will allow us to provide even better products and services to our customers while observing the basics and rewarding worthwhile work. And we are always thinking of, and supporting, ways for our employees to happily grow while getting along with each other and maintaining a healthy life.

WISH Culture.

    We have always thought hard about how to hold unconventional outings that can improve our teamwork while letting everyone enjoy a great time. ‘WISH Day’ began as a result of such deliberations, and in 2017, WISH Days went from being held every quarter to being held every other month.

    Unlike conventional outings, WISH Days are filled with events where employees share their hobbies and interests. In addition to obvious events such as restaurant crawls, there are cultural events such as movies, performances, and exhibitions alongside physical activities such as bowling and target shooting. These outings allow all of our employees to participate in a variety of activities together and share wonderful experiences.

      Wishcompany feels that the most important thing to having many people work towards a common goal is ‘cooperation’. And we feel that, for effective cooperation, there must be a foundation of trust and affection between our employees.

      But with more and more employees and an ever-broadening spectrum of responsibilities, there is a serious lack of time for our employees to grow closer. As such, we started a lunch outing program called ‘WISH Lunch’ that is held on the last Friday of each month. By having small groups of randomly selected members have lunch together, these employees can gossip about minor things and spend some time growing just a little bit closer.

        The 'WISH Giveaway’ is a program where each employee can select and receive company products of their choice at the beginning of each month. This allows every employee to enjoy the experience of using Wishcompany brand products while increasing their understanding of them as well. In addition,

        the feedback acquired from such this process helps in the development of products that are even healthier and more trustworthy. In a similar vein, there is also an employee discount program. Employees can purchase Wishcompany products at a discounted price at any time.

        WISH Welfare.

        • Welfare support
          We provide cultural, health, and educational welfare support.
        • Holiday bonuses
          In addition to major holiday gifts, we also provide bonuses for the Seollal and Chuseok holidays.
        • 4.5 DAY
          We offer regular recharge days where you can leave work after the morning period to enjoy a weekday afternoon off of work.
        • Long-term employee awards
          We provide a monetary award for continued long-term employment with our company.
        • Birthday bonus
          We provide a birthday bonus on birthdays.
        • Overtime allowances
          We provide overtime pay, dinners, and late-night transportation costs for overtime work.
        • Learn program
          We operate internal and external training programs on a variety of topics such as cosmetics, marketing, and leadership.
        • Health checkups
          We provide support for annual health checkups.
        • Club/study group support
          We provide financial support for the activities of company clubs and study groups.
        • Operation of profession-based small groups
          We operate small groups based on professional fields such as design and content creation.


        Department Position Period