Dear, Klairs Brand Kit (2019)

How have you been? ☺
The past year has been great to Klairs, all thanks to your ongoing support. Some exciting new launches are already rising as steady sellers, while longtime steady sellers got to meet new faces.

We were able to keep you updated more often through media. In Wishcompany PR Lab, where we articulate our messages, it made us think more about 'how can people who are new to Klairs get us at first sight’. And this brand kit is brought to you as a result, a kit that carries key values and essential products of Klairs.




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Simple but enough, Mild but Powerful #Simple_But_Enough
Klairs develops products that are ‘Simple, but Enough’. Since 2010, we focused on delivering effective skincare products that people with sensitive skin also can enjoy without concerns. As a vegan-friendly and cruelty-free brand, we’re always striving to achieve what we value: Sustainability. And the values that represent our identity are engraved in the very front of this kit.


We say no to animal product #Vegan-Friendly
Klairs is a vegan-friendly brand. We struggle to formulate high functioning yet low irritating products without using non-vegan ingredients. In the kit, you can meet two of our best sellers that are vegan: Supple Preparation Facial Toner and Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop.

💧 Supple Preparation Facial Toner
: Supple Preparation Facial Toner has a nickname of ‘Holy Grail Toner’ and achieved its accumulated sales volume over one million bottles. It is known for its long-lasting hydrating ability deep within the skin. Initially released in 2012, it is now being sold across 40 countries, through over 200 distribution channels. It is a global steady seller that won multiple awards in both domestic and overseas channels such as Chicor, Hwahae, Glowpick, Amazon, SoKo Glam, and so on.

Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop
: This is a low irritating vitamin serum with stabilized 5% pure vitamin C and is loved for its exfoliating and skin tone improving ability. Since its launch in 2015, the serum has been ranked high every year in magazines and sales channels all over the world including Harper’s Bazaar, Beauty MNL, and iHerb.

In America’s major sales channel YesStyle you can find more than 3,000 reviews and in Chicor, a Korean beauty select shop run by Shinsegae Department Store, its sales were ranked at #1 among essence all year around.


ZERO animal testing #Cruelty-Free
Klairs respect all kinds of lives. In every step of our developing process, we do not conduct any type of animal testing and we choose not to export to countries that require animal testing to be officially certified. Our ‘The Space Dog Laika’ mug from our donation project is also included in the kit to deliver this message.

‘The Space Dog Laika’ was our second donation project in 2016. It was our way of honoring Laika, the first living animal to be sent into orbit in place of man, and raising voice in aminal rights. All proceeds were donated to the Korean Animal Welfare Association.


Slowly yet surely #Sustainability
Sustainability is always on our minds. One by one, we are bringing changes to do our part for the planet. To reduce vinyl usage in the delivery process we changed vinyl bubble wrap to the eco-friendly buffer material made of paper, Geami. We also changed the injection molding process of our toner to minimize wasted plastic during production and the Unscented Toner Donation Version was released along the process.

This kit was also made with the same consideration. We opted for eco-friendly packaging material, minimized printing, and assembled it without sponges. Changing everything at once is hard. But slowly yet surely, we are doing our best to achieve sustainability in the hope of remaining as a brand this planet needs for a long time. We hope you are there to support us and join us. Thank you always ☺