Wishcomany, Selected as
2019 Amazon Top Korean Brands

Wishcompany, the company behind the skincare brand dear,klairs and By Wishtrend on Amazon was named as one of the ‘2019 Amazon Top Korean Brands.’

At the ‘Amazon Cross-Border E-commerce Summit’ that was held last December that hosted an international conference for sellers to share global e-commerce trends and exemplary models, Amazon Global Selling Korea announced their 2019 Top Korean Brands.

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Wishcompany is currently distributing our products through over 200 online and offline channels including YesStyle, & Other Stories, iHerb, SOKO GLAM, URBAN OUTFITTERS and so on while running our own cross-border e-commerce, Wishtrend.com.

Among the many distributors, Amazon is especially meaningful to Wishcompany as it was our first global channel. First curated on Amazon in 2015, our brand for sensitive skin ‘dear,klairs’ and ‘By Wishtrend’ that was launched to reflect the customers’ various skin needs have been showing continuous growth.



Amazon's Choice : dear,klairs / By Wishtrend


If being named as one of the ‘2019 Amazon Top Korean Brands’ indicates our success in the international market, being awarded at the ‘Chicor 2019 Best Awards’ proves that our presence is expanding in the domestic market.

Chicor is a major beauty store chain in Korea and at the awards last year, Klairs was the sole brand that won #1 place in four categories. This is a stellar example of a synergy effect that a brand and a distribution channel can create, as the main customer base of both Klairs and Chicor is Millenials and foreigners.

Wishcompany’s brands have a high repurchase rate and it’s due to the outstanding products not just the hype around K-Beauty. In 2020, it is expected that growth will go on. To ensure that, Wishcompany is planning to continue and expand our collaboration with distribution channels that brings a synergy effect.

Hope you feel joy wherever you run into Klairs and By Wishtrend!