Klairs ‘Mid Day Blue UV Shield’ Ranked No.1 for 2020 Glowpick Mild Sunscreen

-Launched the 'Suncare Line' With Remarkable Popularity Comparable to Its' Million Selling Toner' Line
-Klairs, Recording a High Repurchase Rate and Winning 12 Domestic and International Awards on the First Half of 2020 

Klairs, the 'Million selling toner maker,' is showing remarkable growth by hitting a home run with every sun care product launched within two years.

Skincare brand·content·commerce corporation Wishcompany (CEO Soungho Park) announced on the 22nd that the 'Mid Day Blue UV Shield' from its own sensitive skincare brand dear,Klairs has won 'This Month's New Product' in 'Mild Sunscreen Category' from 2020 First Half Glowpick Award.  

'Mid Day Blue UV Shield,' the second sunscreen from Klairs, is well received by the people for its light finish without a white cast. It seemed to overcome physical sunscreens' shortcomings with the downfall of sticky texture, white cast, and low blend-ability. Its unprecedented popularity has been marked by the sold out of the primary production amount within a month after the launch and winning the first place in the sunscreen category in the cosmetics ranking app, Glowpick.

'Soft Airy UV Essence,' a chemical sunscreen launched earlier from Klairs, is a steady seller as well. Soft Airy UV Essence is also known as a 'sunscreen for those who dislike sunscreen.' Its light moisturizing finish allows people to use it daily regardless of the seasons. It also won △Glowpick Sunblock Rank No.1 △Chicor 2019 Best Awards △29CM Beauty Awards 2020 △Hwahae Beauty Awards △Taiwan's Oh! My Venus(show) No.1 in Sunscreen and more.

The success of the suncare products indicates establishing a new line that will have the popularity comparable to the famous toner line, the first million-selling product.

Klairs won 12 different domestic and international awards in the first half of 2020. 'Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop,' which recorded the second million-seller following the Supple Preparation Facial Toner, has been ranked first in the daily skincare category from Japanese Rakuten 2020. 'Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask' won △the 1st place in 2020 Chicor Best Cream&Lotion, and △the 1st place in Fan Fav Singaporean Guardian 2020 Awards.

A total of 9 products from Klairs won '2019 Best Skincare Products' and '2019 Customer's Pick' from 'Beauty MNL,' the most significant domestic beauty commerce in the Philippines.

PR Contact: pr@wishcompany.net

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