“A Sunscreen for Those Who Dislike Sunscreen”
Klairs Launches Low-Irritation Physical Sunscreen ‘Mid Day Blue UV Shield’

- Improved Greasiness Characteristic to Physical Sunscreens·Completed Primary Irritation Tests for Sensitive Skins… 'Fresh and Easy on the Skin'
- Contains Guaiazulene to Lower Skin Temperature' Low-Irritation Soothing Sunscreen'

Skincare brand·content·commerce development company Wishcompany (CEO Soungho Park) has announced on the 14th that its own sensitive skincare brand dear, Klairs has launched low-irritation physical sunscreen, 'Mid Day Blue UV Shield.'

There has been much interest in the newly launched physical sunscreen as the 'Soft Airy UV Essence' became the global bestseller after its launch in the previous year.

'Soft Airy UV Essence' was ranked #1 on ▲GlowPick within three months after it was launched, and is keeping that place. It has also won ▲Chicor 2019 Best Awards and ▲29CM Beauty Awards 2020. Just like the product's motto, 'A Sunscreen for Those Who Dislike Sunscreen,' it does not have white cast, greasiness, or eye irritation, which is the reason behind the product's high rate of repurchase on both domestic and international distribution channels.

The 'Mid Day Blue UV Shield' also has a characteristically light texture. It has improved the sticky and thick texture of previously conventional physical sunscreens, and it goes onto the skin like a lotion and sinks to the skin fast. It has minimized the white cast, which is another main disadvantage of a physical sunscreen, allowing the skin a natural look.

Another strength of this product is that it is gentle enough to be suitable for all members of the family. 'Mid-Day Blue UV Shield' employs mineral UV filter which has minimum irritation to the skin, and has completed the primary skin irritation test and the primary sensitive skin irritation test, making it usable for sensitive and tender skin. Furthermore, it contains guaiazulene, which can help soothe sensations of heat on the skin, so one can expect to have soothing results on the skin irritated by UV rays.

Its SPF level is SFP 50+, PA++++, the domestic maximum, and the product comes in the size of 80ml, which allows for a whole-body application.

'Mid-Day Blue UV Shield' is offered at a 10% discounted price on Wishtrend.com.


PR Contact: pr@wishcompany.net

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