Wishcompany is the Only Beauty Company to Win in 2 Categories at the 2022 A.N.D. Awards

- 10-year YouTube channel "Wishtrend TV" becomes prominent in the global beauty content sector, contributing to the globalization of K-beauty
- Media exhibition "Midnight In Seoul" by Dear, Klairs also wins... "Recognized for excellence in media competencies"

Global beauty content company Wishcompany (CEO Park Soung-ho) announced on the 19th that they won awards in 2 categories, "Social Media," and "Cosmetics," under Digital Advertising & Campaigns at the 2022 A.N.D. Awards.

"Wishtrend TV," Wishcompany's YouTube channel which won in the Social Media category, is a global beauty community channel that met its 10-year anniversary this year from its launch in 2013. Under the slogan "Sharing Positive Beauty Everywhere," the company's channel became the first Korean cosmetics company to be awarded the "YouTube Gold Play button" in 2019.

Wishtrend TV has won this award in recognition of their contributions toward the globalization of K-beauty through spreading high-quality content related to skincare and positive beauty in the field of global beauty contents. The YouTube channel Wishtrend TV currently has 1.85 million subscribers; Wishcompany in total has 7.2 million subscribers across all of its channels.

The "Midnight in Seoul" exhibition by Wishcompany's representative skincare brand Dear, Klairs won the award in the Cosmetics category. This exhibition held at the off-line flagship store "Klairs Seoul" combined products with customer engagement, and was highly rated for expressing the question of "What is a balanced life?" in the form of media art. They went beyond intuitive product exposure marketing and used visual and auditory elements to convey the brand's direction without any product advertisements, thereby increasing brand and product awareness.

The A.N.D. Award is an award in the digital field, operated by the Korea Digital Enterprise Association and sponsored by the Ministry of Science and ICT. Wishcompany is the only beauty company to have won in 2 categories of "Social Media" and "Cosmetics."

Wishcompany's CEO Park Soung-ho stated, "We have made various media pursuits in sensitive response to ever-changing trends and channels in order to communicate with customers," and "We are grateful to everyone who have noticed Wishcompany's efforts and contributions, and we will continue to work hard to satisfy our customers in both the beauty and media worlds through endeavors that go across different fields, instead of being stagnant."