A high functionality skincare brand ByWishtrend,
Launched ‘Sulfur 3% Clean Gel’
a Spot Gel for skin concerns

-Formulated with 3% Sulfur with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects for sebum care and skin concerns soothing effects


ByWishtrend, a high functionality skincare brand from Wishcompany, a brand∙content∙commerce development corporation (CEO Soungho Park, wishcompany.net) has launched 'Sulfur 3% Clean Gel', a spot gel for skin concerns.

ByWishtrend is a skincare brand with high functionality, which began by paying attention to skin concerns around the world from 500,000 customers on wishtrend.com, a global E-commerce. The brand’s goal being creating products with satisfactory results, it focuses on excluding harmful ingredients and formulating synergistic and effective ingredients in order to develop formulations that maximize the effects and minimize skin irritation.

The sulfur contained in this new product, Sulfur 3% Clean Gel is a sulfur extraction which is known to have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects. It is an ingredient that can help for acne, a skin concern that many have in the skincare process, but is a unique smell and dryness are picked as the ingredient’s flaws.

Therefore By Wishtrend formulated hyaluronic acid and tocopherol that can increase hydration in the Sulfur 3% Clean Gel to enable effective and comfortable use of sulfur. It excluded artificial coloring, scent, and any animal-based ingredients.

The Sulfur 3% Clean Gel created by the above procedure as a light gel texture of pH 6.1, and one can expect sebum care and skin concerns soothing effects when applying a thin layer at the last step of the skincare. It can, of course, be used on the face but also on other parts of the body, such as the back and chest area.

ByWishtrend is earning more attention by growing fast in both domestic and international markets. After entering Selfridges UK, it entered & Other Stories, a global SPA brand, thereby expanding their distribution to 12 European countries, including France and Spain. Domestically, the brand is sold at places that sell functional skincare products such as Onnuri Store, an official online store of Onnuri Pharmacy, and the Pure Vitamin C 21.5% Advanced Serum with a high concentration of vitamin C, is very popular.

PR Contact: pr@wishcompany.net

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