Wishcompany enters over 400 European Stores… The company’s pop-up store in France records the highest number of reviews

- Pop-up store at Galeries Lafayette, France’s leading department store, sells out immediately after opening the “Beauty Class,” proving its popularity
- Launches its products in over 400 official stores in seven years after entering Europe... Gains popularity in Norway and launches the products in 250 stores
- Proves competitiveness as a strong small K-Beauty brand in Europe, where there’s a long history and tradition of cosmetics

Dear, Klairs, the flagship brand of Wishcompany announced on the 19th that the company expanded its performance in Europe as it has recorded the highest number of reviews ever during the opening of its pop-up event at the Galeries Lafayette, a department store, in France, and launched its products in over 400 stores in Europe.

Wishcompany participated in the “K-Beauty Pop-Up Event” for two weeks until June 12 at Galeries Lafayette located on Champs-Elysees in Paris, France, and proved its much-heated popularity by selling out its products the fastest upon the opening of a “Beauty Class” for local customers. In addition, the brand’s exclusive event, which was held for local influencers, received the most reviews on social media ever among pop-up events held in the history of Galeries Lafayette and showed the brand’s competitiveness abroad once again.

At this pop-up, Wishcompany showcased 15 products from Dear, Klairs, a brand that has established itself as a hypoallergenic skincare brand in the global market over the past decade. Under the theme of “Summer Skincare,” “Midnight Blue Calming Cream,” which is characterized by a calming effect and its blue color, and “All-day Airy Sunscreen,” which features a light texture, were introduced as main products, drawing attention from the customers.

Wishcompany’s achievements are steadily expanding in Europe, including France. Since entering the European market in 2016, the brand has increased contact with local customers through over 400 stores based on large offline and online distribution channels. Dear, Klairs is easily accessible in more than 20 prominent European beauty retailers, including Sephora UK, Douglas, & Other Stories, etc. In Norway, in particular, since entering the large drug store Vitusapotek in 2019, the brand has expanded and launched its products in approximately 250 stores in about three years. Last month, successfully entering the local H&M beauty concept store in Oslo, the brand expanded the K-Beauty base.

An official from Wishcompany said, “Including France, which has led global fashion and beauty industries, we have proven our competitiveness as a strong small K-beauty brand in Europe that has a long history and tradition of cosmetics," and added, “We will continue to actively expand various brand activities in the future.”

Meanwhile, the K-Beauty pop-up event, which was hosted by Galeries Lafayette by inviting Korean brands, is the largest K-Beauty event held in France, known as the heartland of the cosmetics industry. About 60 local media journalists and 150 influencers attended the event, and five Korean brands, including Dear, Klairs, participated.