Wishcompany holds “Charge the Heart,” a yoga class event for customers in celebration of “Yoga Day”

- A customer-interactive yoga and meditation event with YOGABOY,
a YouTuber with 500,000 subscribers

- Also to be held in India, and expand communication with customers
with the brand’s “Balanced Life” philosophy

- “Charge the Heart,” an event following the “Charge Today” campaign held to celebrate the launch of “Freshly Juiced Vitamin Charging Serum”

Wishcompany, a global beauty content company, announced on June 21 that it would hold a yoga class event at Space Wadiz in Seongsu-dong, Seoul, with YOGABOY, a YouTuber specializing in yoga.

The following is a customer-interactive event celebrating June 21, “International Yoga Day,” and a time for participants to relax, recover, and look after their minds through yoga amid their busy lives. The event, which will be held under the slogan, “Charge the Heart,” is a follow-up to last month’s “Charge your light,” an offline event with over 3,000 participants, held in celebration of the launch of Dear, Klairs’ “Freshly Juiced Vitamin Charging Serum (hereafter, Vitamin Charging Serum).”

The upcoming class with YOGABOY, a YouTuber with 500,000 subscribers, will be held a Space Wadiz's Square on the first basement floor in Seongsu-dong, Seoul. Starting on June 16, 30 applicants will be selected across four days, and they will be able to experience free yoga sessions, the new Vitamin Charging Serum, and Daily Balancing Tea.

The class will consist of three sessions (Mind, Balance, Charge) in total, and participants can choose a program they wish to take from basic yoga to vinyasa yoga and yoga nidra. In addition, they can also experience the audio tracks of Wishcompany’s mind wellness brand Mind Nook, which can help with yoga and meditation. All participants will receive Dear, Klairs’ Vitamin Charging Serum, a Discovery Kit containing nine products, and Daily Balancing Tea as a gift.

An official from Wishcompany said, “The yoga class will not only be held in Korea but also in Dear, Klairs India to share the brand’s values and philosophy,” and added, “We will focus on enhancing the consciousness of positive beauty that focuses on the mind and the inner self by increasing communication with customers under the brand’s ‘Balanced Life’ philosophy.”

Meanwhile, the newly released Vitamin Charging Serum is characterized as a hypoallergenic formula containing 10% Vitamin C derivatives that can be used mildly on sensitive skin. It helps improve the skin through clinically tested functions, including triple-tone (brightness, yellowness, uniformity) skin care, betterment of skin density and skin hydration, etc. Furthermore, PCR materials, recycled PET materials, were applied 50% in containers and pumps, and FSC-certified paper was used in the product packaging for a sustainable environment.