Wishcompany conducts its first live commerce show in Korea, offering up to 58% discount on hit products

- Dear, Klairs, a brand recognized for the excellence of its products in approximately 70 countries worldwide, will sell four of its popular items
- Scheduled to offer a Soothing Set for the Change of Seasons at 7 p.m. tonight via Naver Shopping Live with up to 58% discount

Wishcompany’s flagship skincare brand, Dear, Klairs, announced on October 16 that it will introduce four global hit products with up to 58% discount on Naver Shopping Live at 7 p.m. tonight.

Dear, Klairs will introduce a whole new brand store officially certified by Naver from its existing Smart Store and hold its first event with a discount rate of over 50%. Four products that focus on moisturizing and soothing during the dry fall and winter seasons, such as ▲ Midnight Blue Calming Cream ▲ Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop ▲ Midnight Blue Calming Sheet Mask ▲ Supple Preparation Unscented Toner (Hereinafter Unscented Toner), will be introduced in this upcoming live commerce show.

Dear, Klairs’ Blue line is dedicated to soothing and recharging moisture, with the original, refreshing blue color of Guaiazulene ingredient as its trademark. “Midnight Blue Calming Cream” is a moisture cream based on guaiazulene, known to have an excellent effect on soothing skin. Therefore, it is a product specialized for sensitive skin, including oily skin, by providing plenty of moisture to rejuvenate the skin while minimizing oiliness.

“Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop,” in the same Blue line, is a soothing ampoule containing EGF ingredients that can help with skin regeneration, elasticity, and wrinkle improvement. It is a water-like formulation that can be used lightly and freshly. Moreover, it is a functional product with wrinkle-improving features that have been tested on wrinkles around the eyes and on skin elasticity. Along with those products, the show will also feature the Unscented Toner. It is a toner product that recorded a striking global sale of four million bottles and is known as the nickname "toner of your life" due to its immediate and definite moisturizing power by removing essential oil, which makes the product accessible for sensitive skin.

An official at Dear, Klairs, Wishcompany said, “We are delighted to introduce the products acknowledged by overseas consumers via a live commerce show to domestic customers for the first time, and we are looking forward to their response,” and added, “We would like to promote the products of Dear, Klairs and its brand value and philosophy through this live stream, which will offer the largest discount ever seen before.”

Meanwhile, Dear, Klairs, Wishcompany’s flagship brand, has introduced hypoallergenic skincare products under the slogan, “Simple but Enough.” The products are available in approximately 70 countries, including Vietnam, Northern Europe, Japan, and North America, and have eight global million seller products in total, including the “Supple Preparation Unscented Toner,” which has recently recorded sales of over four million bottles worldwide.