Klairs Celebrates World Day for Laboratory Animals
With a Cruelty-Free Campaign,

- 6th Donation Project From Klairs, a Cruelty-Free, Vegan-Friendly Brand
- Selling Klairs Cruelty Free Kit Created in Collaboration With 'Joguman Studio' in Limited Availability; All Profit Goes to an Animal Rights Organization


Wishcompany, brand·content·commerce development corporation (CEO, Park Soungho), announced on the 21st that its sensitive skincare brand dear,Klairs is celebrating World Day for Laboratory Animals with a cruelty-free campaign 'GO CRUELTY FREE: LET US BE!'.This campaign is the 6th fundraising project from Klairs, and all profit goes to an animal rights organization.

Klairs is a 'cruelty-free' brand that does not do any animal testing, and it is also a 'vegan-friendly' brand that avoids the use of animal-driven ingredients. Klairs has been abiding by these values since 2010 when the brand first launched. It keeps the decision that they will follow non-animal testing rules not only in the development of products but also in the distribution processes and not exporting to any countries that require animal testing for the import of cosmetics products.

Klairs is voicing against animal testing once again through this campaign. They are sending their wish that all animals are free through the campaign slogan and illustration. For a broader appeal and to deliver their message more effectively, Klairs collaborated with 'Joguman Studio,' which has a cult following by its visual rendering of characters in the microcosm of the studio.



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조구만 스튜디오(@joguman.studio)님의 공유 게시물님,

Any customer that purchases campaign goods from the cross-border E-commerce Wishtrend(wishtrend.com) from the 20th, automatically becomes a participant of the donation. The concept of this campaign's merchandise is a walk with your pet, and the merchandise includes a mini pouch that can be used as a poop bag, a handkerchief, a drink bag, and more. All the products feature an illustration from 'Joguman Studio.'

To celebrate the beginning of this campaign, Wishtrend is giving off a 15% discount on the set that consists of all the campaign merchandise and a full-sized 'Soft Airy UV Essence,' a sunscreen from Klairs. Furthermore, for the first 300 customers, Wishtrend is giving away a Klairs X Joguman Studio sticker pack.

One can participate in a campaign even after the purchase, by leaving a review on Instagram. Wishtrend is offering a 10% discount coupon on all products of Klairs. More detailed information on the donation participation is available on the fundraising project page on Wishtrend.



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Even without purchasing, one can participate in the project by posting the campaign hashtags such as #Klairs #KlairsCrueltyFree #WorthTheWalk on their SNS or by participating in the relay giveaways on Wishcompany's four Instagram accounts during the week of the fundraising project.

Choi Juhee, the manager of domestic marketing of Klairs, stated that "This 6th fundraising project was made possible by all our customers who are taking a walk with us towards the more sustainable lifestyle. We hope that our campaign can bring in much sympathy, and also that this will enable our next project as well."

Jeong Jayoung, the manager of PR Lab, who is managing this campaign's communications, said that "This fundraising project is being done not only domestically but also internationally. We expect that the customers of Klairs, everywhere in the world, can come together through Wishtrend (wishtrend.com) to achieve something meaningful."

Klairs 6th Fundraising Project for World Day for Laboratory Animals,

PR Contact: pr@wishcompany.net

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