Klairs Soft Airy UV Essence, Now available at Olive Young

Soft Airy UV Essence, A sunscreen for those who dislike sunscreen, expands its distribution
- Complete UV protection with its non-sticky, moisturizing and light texture
- #1 on Glowpick within 4 months of launch ∙ 96% satisfaction rate on Hwahae

A beauty brand and content development company Wishcompany's(CEO Soungho Park, wishcompany.net) skincare brand Klairs' Soft Airy UV Essence is now available at Olive Young, the biggest domestic H&B Store.

Klairs Soft Airy UV Essence has ranked at #1 on GlowPick, a beauty review platform, within 4 months of its launch. It is now being sold at major stores of Olive Young around the country.

Just like its motto - Sunscreen for those who dislike sunscreen - Klairs Soft Airy UV Essence is a mild sunscreen that has no stickiness or irritation to the eye. It has steadily been popular since launching, with its water-based texture with a moisturizing and transparent finish.

Klairs is a brand that researches and develops effective products for sensitive skin. And with its philosophy, Soft Airy UV Essence has the maximum UV ray protection of SPF50+PA++++, and protects the skin from both UVA and UVB while minimizing skin irritation. It has increased the effectiveness of UV protection by formulating ingredients with high photostability, contains only the ingredients in EWG Green Level. Soft Airy UV Essence has no white cast, a frequently mentioned drawback of sunscreens, which makes it perfect to apply even after makeup.

All of the above has been proven by the evaluations of the actual consumers. On Hwahae, a beauty review app that provides honest reviews and reliable information of products, Soft Airy UV Essence has reached 96% user satisfaction rate. On the criteria of 'How well it applies on the skin' and 'Zero irritation on the eye', it has reached 99.32% and 96.58% respectively. Furthermore, it has scored full points from the Klairs new products testees, the first time it happened in the company's history.

Juhee Choi, Assistant Manager of Domestic Marketing, stated: “These days, as the sun gets brighter, more consumers are looking for sunscreens. Klairs Soft Airy UV Essence is becoming more and more popular and I'm delighted to announce that it is now available at Olive Young, as that has been requested by many of our customers."

Klairs is also available and steadily popular at all stores of Chicor, Shinsegae Department Store's beauty specialty retailers. More information on all products from Klairs can be found at Klairscosmetics.com and Wishtrend.com.

PR Contact: pr@wishcompany.net

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