Wishtrend TV acquires YouTube Gold Play Button

First Domestic Beauty Corporation to Create a Brand Fandom
with 1M International Subscribers on YouTube
- Wishtrend TV, beauty·health YouTube channel…
Distributes contents all over the world in English, Vietnamese, and Japanese
- The first success story of domestic beauty brand corporation to build a massive channel
with abilities to compose contents oriented for the international market

Wishtrend TV which is a YouTube channel of Wishcompany (Soungho Park, CEO), a beauty brand·contents development corporation, has reached over a million subscribers and achieved the Gold Play Button. It is the first case of a domestic beauty brand corporation to build a massive YouTube channel with more than a million subscribers, through contents oriented for the international market.

Wishcompany sells Korean skincare brands along with their own brands through cross border e-commerce on Wishtrend (wishtrend.com) to approximately 50 countries including the US, Europe, and Asia. Wishtrend TV was established in 2013 to communicate with Wishtrend consumers in different countries, to deliver skincare information and to listen to the stories of their consumers.

The contents get composed mainly regarding the interests of the subscribers. Wishcompany’s CM Lab (Contents·Media Lab) that is in charge of Wishtrend TV, checks the opinions of the subscribers on YouTube comments and emails thoroughly and reflects them on their contents. Wishtrend TV’s most representative programs include ‘Beauty HACKers,’ that shares easy tips on beauty SOS situations; ‘Do & Don’t,’ that talks about the basics and cautions of skincare and ‘4 Reviewers,’ a review program where 4 guest reviewers give earnest thoughts about products on a given theme.

Beauty contents mark the majority of Wishtrend TV, but it has been recently expanding its realm by creating fitness videos and web dramas. It also has varied its work by collaborating with professional video contents companies also, along with creating contents by themselves. To provide contents for a wider audience, it has opened Wishtrend Japan·Vietnam, adding Japanese and Vietnamese.

As a channel that developed through active communication with its audience, the level of subscribers’ commitment is quite high. For example, when Wishtrend TV reached 600,000 subscribers, they have received about 500 celebration videos from their own subscribers. It is one of the examples when the subscribers have been recognized as ‘fans,’ and it is extremely rare that a media ran by a corporation has created this much of connectedness with its subscribers. They have also met fans in person, expanding their communication from YouTube to offline. A variety of Meetups have been conducted in Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, India, and in England, drawing a lot of participation.

At the moment, Wishcompany is making a donation in celebration of Wishtrend TV’s million subscribers. They are going to donate a certain amount to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), according to the number of views on their million subscribers celebration video.

Soungho Park, the CEO of Wishcompany states “The size of Wishcompany’s social media channel, which we started to communicate with consumers in each country as closely as possible, is now at 3.94 million”. Park also says “We will be making an offline space where we can meet the consumers in person and to listen to them even more and closely. We’re also going to create various forms of contents, not just videos, including magazines, in our effort to provide information that can continuously help healthy lifestyles of our consumers.”

PR Contact: pr@wishcompany.net