Wishcompany achieved a 36% increase in Black Friday sales compared to last year with the highest performance ever in the US

- Global Black Friday promotions were launched across all brands, including Dear, Klairs, By Wishtrend, elmt, etc
- The company achieved the highest performance ever in Amazon US, followed by Vietnam, Russia, Japan, and Sweden, and targeting popular local items proved to be an effective strategy.

Wishcompany achieved its highest-ever performance on Black Friday this year.

Global beauty company Wishcompany announced on December 13 that during the 2023 Black Friday period, which ran from November 13 to December 3, the company achieved a 36% increase in sales compared to the same period last year, and notably, they achieved their all-time highest performance in the United States.

The country with the highest sales record was the US, and the highest sales generated within the US was Amazon US. This record was followed by Vietnam, Russia, Japan, and Sweden, which were listed in the top five countries in sales.

During Black Friday, Wishcompany provided discounts and benefits through promotions on three of its skincare brands: Dear, Klairs, By Wishtrend, and elmt. In particular, by offering strategic promotions, such as greater discounts on best-selling products suitable for local markets, including global steady-selling products, the company was able to expand its sales further in each country.

Wishcompany official said, “Through this year’s Black Friday, we were able to receive positive responses in countries that had less K-Beauty presence in their markets, such as Russia and Sweden,” and added, “We’re looking forward to establishing touchpoints with customers in global channels, including Korea, in 2024.”

Meanwhile, Wishcompany achieved its largest sales record in Vietnam’s TikTok shop this year, officially entered Galeries Lafayette in France, and expanded the number of stores in Norway, achieving the highest-ever sales in the first half of the year. Currently, Wishcompany is planning to launch various new channels and open stores in the Middle Eastern market and is focusing on promoting and expanding K-skincare products in the global market.