Wishcompany, certified as a Youth-friendly Hidden Champion for six consecutive years

- The company won the “Export Tower” award for three consecutive years due to the growth in overseas sales, and was also recognized in the category for its corporate organizational culture
- Wishcompany is the only company certified among beauty brands, and the company is characterized by a system and culture where the company and employees grow together

Wishcompany (CEO Park Soung-ho), a global beauty content company, announced on January 4 that it was certified as a "Youth-friendly Hidden Champion" by the Ministry of Employment and Labor for six consecutive years.

Wishcompany has been certified as a Youth-friendly Hidden Champion for six consecutive years since its first nomination in 2019. The company, which won the “Export Tower” award in 2022 hosted by the Korea International Trade Association for three consecutive years due to its continuous sales growth in Southeast Asia, the US, Europe, etc., and has also been named as a Youth-friendly Hidden Champion for six consecutive years. It was once again recognized for its growth and as an employee-friendly company.

The average age of Wishcompany’s executives and employees is 30.9 years old, and the company is characterized by its flat structure in lab units. The youngest leader is 31 years old, and the company has a personnel management system that reflects competence and performance regardless of age through a competency/performance-oriented business hierarchy. In addition, Wishcompany is managing its system and creating an organizational culture under the principle, “Individual growth is the organization’s growth,” through ▲ 4.5 workdays (half-day work system) once a month, ▲ shortened working hours and bonus payment before holidays, ▲ and providing self-development expenses, etc.

In addition, in celebration of Wishcompany’s 13th anniversary in November last year, the company declared a new corporate mission, “Positive Beauty Everywhere!” and a vision, “Making customers’ daily lives more enriching with experiences beyond beauty.” Based on executives’ and employees’ shared goals and growth under a new mission, vision, and core values, Wishcompany plans to propose a brand that can positively impact customers’ lives through products and content.

Suh Seung-hwan, Senior Manager of Wishcompany’s People and Culture Lab, said, “I am delighted and proud that Wishcompany was the only medium-sized beauty company to be listed as a Youth-friendly Hidden Champion for six consecutive years,” and he added, “We will continue to make more diverse efforts to promote K-Beauty overseas and to enhance the capabilities of individual executives and staff members alongside the growth of the company.”

Meanwhile, following a business expansion, Wishcompany is recruiting in various fields within the organization. The company is hiring overseas sales managers for the Asia-Pacific and European regions, brand and online marketers, etc., in the global regions and sectors where it operates the business.