Wishcompany, selected as a ‘youth-friendly hidden champion’ for five consecutive years…with continuous recruitment expansion

- Won the "Export Tower" award for the three consecutive years, recognized for its corporate growth and good-place-to-work capabilities
- 94% of the organization group leaders consist of the MZ generation with the average age of executives and employees being around 30 years old...
Performance driven, horizontal organization operations by lab unit
- "Individual growth leads to corporate growth… we will strive to make a good company to work for

Wishcompany (CEO Park Soung-ho), a global beauty content company, announced on December 22 that it has been selected as a "youth-friendly hidden champion" by the Ministry of Employment and Labor for five consecutive years.

Since its first selection in 2019, Wishcompany has been selected as a youth-friendly hidden champion for five consecutive years including this year with high score in the wage and work-life balance category. Wishcompany, which won the Trade Association's "Export Tower" award for three consecutive years with its steady sales growth, has been recognized as a youth-friendly hidden champion for five consecutive years, not only for its outstanding corporate growth but also for its competency as a good place to work for.

Wishcompany has been striving to operate a system that can provide optimal balance for work and life while maximizing individual capabilities and growth through, ▲ ability/performance-oriented position system, ▲ 4.5-day work week once a month (half-day work) ▲ shortened work hours and bonus payments before the holidays, and ▲ reimbursement for self-development expenses.

In fact, 94% of the heads of organizations such as team leaders and department leaders were born in 80s and 90s, which corresponds to the MZ generation, and the average age of all executives and employees is 30 years old, representing a young organization. In addition, it is divided into upper and lower departments and operates on horizontal, flexible, and efficient collaboration and work results through lab-unit organizational operations instead of vertical organizational structure.

"Wishcompany is operating an organization and creating a culture under the philosophy that 'individual growth is the growth of the organization,'" said Suh Seunghwan, the Senior Manager of Human Resources at Wishcompany. He added, "We will continue to expand our recruitment and create a better company to work for."

Meanwhile, Wishcompany achieved more than $30 million in overseas export this year, more than tripling its performance in two years. The overseas revenue of Wishcompany takes up over 80% of its total revenue, and its annual average revenue growth rate has reached 140% over the past 3 years. The Wishcompany currently has about 100 employees.