Wishcompany achieves record-breaking sales with its popularity in Vietnam and Northern Europe… leading to expansion in recruitment

- The best sales performance since its foundation in 2010... contending with essential skincare brands such as “Dear, Klairs” and “By Wishtrend”
- Sales increase in Nordic countries such as Norway and Sweden... Continues to perform well in TikTok Shop, Vietnam’s mainstream commerce
- 104% increase in the number of employees compared to 2019, strengthening the recruitment of global talent

Wishcompany achieved a record-breaking sales performance in the first half of 2023, thanks to its expanded sales in Vietnam and Northern Europe. Over the past decade, Wishcompany has consistently ventured into the global market with its skincare brand, and this year, it has seen remarkable growth in countries like Sweden and Norway with limited exposure to K-Beauty.

Wishcompany announced that its sales in the first half of the year reached 30.4 billion won on the 1st. Established in 2010, Wishcompany has shown steady growth over the past 11 years, leading to 61.5 billion won in annual sales by 2021, primarily driven by the success of its overseas expansion with the "Dear, Klairs" brand.

Centered around the skincare products of its flagship brand, “Dear, Klairs,” Wishcompany has introduced its products in more than 60 countries, including Vietnam, Japan, and North America, and has created a total of eight global million-seller products one after another. Furthermore, the cosmeceutical skincare brand "By Wishtrend" gained a reputation on Amazon, the world's largest e-commerce platform, contributing to the expansion of Wishtrend's brand recognition.

In particular, Wishcompany's recent achievements were driven by its high ranking in the popular commerce platform, "TikTok Shop," in the Vietnamese market and sales expansion in Nordic countries such as Norway and Sweden. Ever since entering the Vietnamese market in 2015, Wishcompany has dominated the toner category in TikTok Shop, achieving sales growth for eight consecutive years and surpassing global brands. The brand's proactive approach to new media trends, coupled with its focus on product quality and effective customer communication, has established it as a significant sales channel in the market. In the case of Norway, Wishcompany managed to expand into 250 stores since its entry into the local drug store, Vitusapotek, in 2019, securing Norway as a significant country of sale despite the minor influence of K-Beauty.

CEO of Wishcompany Park Soungho stated, “Global brands have developed their brands, customer communication, and produced products for decades, even centuries.” He continued, “I anticipate the emergence of a sustainable K-Beauty brand, and I believe this is only the beginning for Wishcompany, which has been in operation for over 13 years.”

Meanwhile, alongside its corporate sales growth, the number of Wishcompany’s employees also increased by 104% compared to the number before the pandemic. Notably, around 8% of the workforce consists of foreign employees as of June. To enhance global organizational competencies and promote diversity, Wishcompany aims to further expand and nurture global talent. Currently, eight job groups are open for hiring, including salespersons with experience in the Asia-Pacific and North American regions.