Wishcompany releases sleep diagnostic test and video to celebrate “World Sleep Day”

- Sleep cycle can be diagnosed for 15 days via the wellness content brand “Mind Nook” channel

- Gentle and soothing "meditation content" reaches over 80 million views... Fresh video unveiled


To mark World Sleep Day, Mind Nook will hold an event on March 15, offering free sleep cycle self-diagnosis tests and sleep-related consulting.

Global beauty company Wishcompany (CEO Park Soung-ho) announced on March 14 that it will be hosting an event to provide free sleep cycle self-diagnosis tests and sleep-inducing videos for 15 days starting on the 15th through its wellness content brand, "Mind Nook" channel.

The Mind Nook channel will showcase four videos centered around dreams, as well as a special video on the Dream Chocolate Factory concept during the event. The videos feature healing animation therapy content consisting of four types of white noise and a dreamy sleeping video containing a lullaby to help you have a good night’s sleep. The healing animation therapy content is an original animation series that combines elements of meditation and motion graphics, interpreted in Mind Nook’s unique style, and it's the most beloved by viewers.

In addition, Mind Nook will offer a free sleep cycle self-diagnosis test on its official Instagram. Those who share personal sleep-related experiences in the comments can also receive one-on-one sleep consultations and sleeping kits, including a mood lamp and a duvet featuring “Manooki,” the character from Mind Nook.

Mind Nook is a wellness content brand launched by Wishcompany in 2021. It has become a major brand, with over 2.1 million subscribers on channels like YouTube and 80 million views on various content, including ASMR for mental health and relaxation, white noise, and playlists.

Ma Han-saem, senior manager at Mind Nook, Wishcompany, said, “True wellness starts with high-quality sleep, relaxation, and breaks.” She added, “Using insights for healing content, Mind Nook will continue to develop various content and products through collaborations with brands that value mental health and rest to promote the wellness of viewers.”

Meanwhile, Mind Nook has been striving to expand its collection of soundtracks related to key elements of wellness, such as meditation and healing, since last year. It currently owns about 370 soundtracks and has released approximately 250 of them. Relevant soundtracks are available on 22 major domestic and international music platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify, and Melon.