Dear, Klairs Opens Its First Brand Pop-up in Seongsu, Expanding Touchpoints with Domestic Customers

- From March 30th to April 14th, various events and spaces will be held under the theme of “Respect Your Sensitivity”

- Showcasing key products such as the best-selling “Blue Drop” and the million-seller “Unscented Toner,” etc... Enhancing the brand’s intimacy



A sensitive skincare brand, Dear, Klairs, aims to expand touchpoints with domestic customers by launching its first brand pop-up store in Seongsu, Seoul, under the theme of "Respect Your Sensitivity."

Dear, Klairs, a sensitive skincare brand operated by global beauty content company Wishcompany, has announced the opening of its pop-up store in Seongsu, Seoul, on the 28th. Under the theme "Respect Your Sensitivity," the Dear, Klairs pop-up store plans to conduct a new brand campaign designed to help everyone share and respect their own sensitivities. The pop-up store is located at Hotel Blossom in Seongsu, Seoul, and will be open from March 30th to April 14th.

Various experiences will be available at the pop-up store, consisting of three distinct spaces such as ▲ an interactive space to share individual sensitivities and stories ▲ an interactive space to open up the Chest (Box) of Sensitivity ▲ and a space where one can experience Dear, Klairs’ skincare products for sensitive skin.

There is also a giveaway event prepared for visitors to the pop-up store. Those who added Dear, Klaris' Kakao Talk Channel will receive a pack of stickers and a sample kit of four products, including the global million-seller "Supple Preparation Unscented Toner," "Midnight Blue Calming Cream," etc. In addition, customers who purchase the “Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop” at the pop-up store will receive abundant benefits, including a limited-edition keyring.

Choi Jungho, Senior Leader of Wishcompany’s Brand Strategy, said, “I’m delighted to announce the first domestic pop-up store for Dear, Klairs, which has been acknowledged as a global K-Beauty brand.” And added, “Through this campaign and pop-up store, we aim to start forming a closer relationship with our domestic customers and expand our touchpoints.”

Along with the "Respect Your Sensitivity" campaign launch, Dear, Klairs released three brand films. In the brand films, the campaign model, actor Lee Jumyung, was featured, adding a touch of sincerity and uniqueness.

Meanwhile, Dear, Klairs is a global skincare brand available on over 1,000 online and offline channels in 70 countries. Furthermore, its presence extends beyond the U.S., Vietnam, and Northern Europe, reaching into markets with an emerging awareness of K-beauty, including Africa. Its representative products include the “Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop,” “Midnight Blue Calming Cream,” “Supple Preparation Unscented Toner,” etc., and recently, the brand has expanded its sun protection line and launched the “All-day Airy Mineral Sunscreen.”