Wishcompany launches a body aging care product, “Bakuchiol Body Lotion”

- “Vitamin A-mazing Bakuchiol Body Lotion” to follow No.1 Bakuchiol Night Cream

- “Next-generation retinol” to improve skin elasticity as it is an exclusive body care product for making smooth and firm skin


Bakuchiol Night Cream, named the best item in the aging care category in various beauty channels, will be released as a body lotion.

Wishcompany announced on February 22 that By Wishtrend, the company's high-functioning skincare brand, has launched a new body lotion, “Vitamin A-mazing Bakuchiol Body Lotion (hereinafter Bakuchiol Body Lotion).” It is a product exclusively for the body characterized by reducing irritation and enhancing skin elasticity with retinal (Vitamin A) and bakuchiol, known as the next-generation plant-based retinol for aging care.

By Wishtrend’s “Vitamin A-mazing Bakuchiol Body Lotion (hereinafter Bakuchiol Body Lotion)” consists of AHA, BHA, and Vitamin A. With this triple A+ synergy effect, the Bakuchiol Body Lotion will aid the cell turnover of rough skin and improve keratosis pilaris and uneven skin conditions. In addition, it not only softens knees, elbows, feet, etc., where thick layers of dead skin cells easily accumulate, but it also improves skin dryness by moisturization with urea, Beta-glucans, and tocopherol.

Bakuchiol is an ingredient that has received the limelight for its skin-improvement effects. While the ingredient shares a similar structure and effectiveness in skin improvement with retinal (Vitamin A), it mitigates the disadvantage of the retinal, which is irritation. A plant-based ingredient extracted from seeds named Malaytea Scurfpea is known to help resolve various skin problems.

Choi Jungho, Senior Leader of Wishcompany’s Brand Strategy, said, “I’m happy to introduce By Wishtrend’s products, which were pre-launched in the global market in 2013, to domestic consumers.” He added, “I hope people will spend time looking after themselves and working on slow aging care with our body lotion containing bakuchiol, also known as plant-based retinol, which is difficult to find in Korea.”

To celebrate the launch of the Bakuchiol Body Lotion, By Wishtrend will hold a promotion until February 29 via By Wishtrend’s official Naver Smart Store. At 7 p.m. today, the product will be offered at a special price via Naver Shopping Live to celebrate the Body Lotion launch. In addition to the new Bakuchiol Body Lotion, “Vitamin A-mazing Bakuchiol Night Cream,” which topped the rankings in the health and beauty review platform Glowpick and was named as a High-Intensity Vitamin A Top of Top product by beauty YouTuber Director Pi, will also be available.

Meanwhile, By Wishtrend, which initially pre-launched in the global market in 2013, is a sister brand of Dear, Klairs, Wishcompany's flagship brand. It is a high-functioning skincare brand that shares the journey of people discovering their very own beauty. The brand was founded by Wishcompany's cross-border e-commerce Wishtrend (Wishtrend.com) and the YouTube channel Wishtrend TV, which has 1.86 million subscribers. By Wishtrend makes it easy and convenient for anyone to use high-functioning skincare products that may seem complicated to use. In addition, the brand is characterized by analyzing the community’s needs, launching new products that suit them, and creating the entire product development process together with the community.