“Mind Nook” launches “Four-Seasons Meditation Card” event to celebrate World Meditation Day

- Selling “Four-Seasons Meditation Card” with 50 types of meditation guides based on professional meditation theories
- A wellness content brand with 2.4 million subscribers and approximately 420 soundtracks



Wishcompany’s wellness brand “Mind Nook” announced that it will launch a “Four-Seasons Meditation Card” event to celebrate World Meditation Day on May 17.

To mark World Meditation Day, Mind Nook will sell Four-Seasons Meditation Cards at a discounted price at Naver Smart Store until the 31st. A limited number of "Daily Balancing Tea" from Dear, Klairs, Wishcompany's leading beauty brand, will also be offered.

Mind Nook is a wellness content brand launched in 2021 and has introduced content for relaxation and mental health. It provides wellness content that can be enjoyed comfortably anytime, anywhere through its official YouTube channel and TikTok account. Recently, the brand has gone beyond its digital content and launched a Four-Seasons Meditation Card offering offline meditation experiences that aren’t restricted to time and space.

The Four-Seasons Meditation Card is a portable and readily accessible meditation tool designed to develop meditation habits based on professional meditation theories. Each card visualizes the characteristics and changes in nature during the four seasons, and the 50 meditation guides are comprised of short, easy-to-read text to enhance readability. The QR code on the card will direct people to Mind Nook’s YouTube channel, where various healing videos and sounds are readily available.

Hansaem Ma, senior manager of Wishcompany’s Mind Nook, said, “We hope you can experience true wellness anytime and anywhere with Mind Nook’s Four-Seasons Meditation Card.” And added, “We plan to continue to develop into a wellness content channel based on professional meditation theories to contribute to more people enjoying a peaceful and prosperous life.”

Meanwhile, the Mind Nook Wellness Content channel has 2.4 million global subscribers and is available on social media and 22 major global music platforms, including Melon, Spotify, Apple Music, etc. Mind Nook has been striving to expand its collection of soundtracks related to key elements of wellness, such as meditation and healing, since last year. It currently owns about 420 soundtracks and has released approximately 320 of them.