Wishcompany opens the Five Senses Experience Program, “Blue Comma…” Drink, watch, and experience “rest”

- An event with the global bestseller serum, “Blue Drop,” as its motif will last until August
- From product experience to a private tea course... Can relax and soothe using the five senses

Global beauty content company Wishcompany’s sensitive skincare brand, Dear, Klairs, announced on the 27th that it will run its relaxation program, “Blue Comma,” at the flagship store Klairs Seoul located on Garosu-gil, Seoul.

Running until August, “Blue Comma” is a relaxation experience program based on Dear Klairs’ best-selling “Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop (Blue Drop).” The program is designed to use all five senses to experience Blue Drop’s characteristics, which refresh and soothe the skin and provide a brand experience that respects sensitivity.

Blue Comma will be held at Klairs Seoul, located on Garosu-gil, Seoul, and will consist of the “Drop Zone,” a resting area, the “Blue Drop” tea course at Sinsa Tearoom, and the “Comma Lounge” course for resting and recharging. At the “Drop Zone” on the first floor, visitors will experience Blue Drop-inspired exhibitions and spaces and receive a 50% product discount voucher.

In Sinsa Tearoom on the second floor, a tea course will be operated to provide visitors with an experience where they can use all five senses to feel the comfort rewarded by the color blue of Blue Drop. Visitors can enjoy a 45-minute private tea course every Wednesday, Thursday, and every last Saturday of the month through Naver’s pre-booking service for Klairs Seoul. The tea course will be available at 19,900 won per person, and a miniature version of the global million-seller Blue Cream worth 12,000 won will be provided as a gift.

Lastly, the “Comma Lounge” on the third floor will be decorated with a photo zone and resting lounge under the soothing and relaxing theme of Blue Drop to provide a unique experience. The resting area offers a Sound Zone that relieves stress with relaxing sounds, a Recharge Zone where you can charge your body, mind, and even your cell phone, and a Rest Zone where you can take a snug break. The Comma Lounge will be open from 1:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. every day and will be free of charge.

“We hope you will experience the relaxation of your body and mind at Blue Comma, Klairs Seoul, which embodies the philosophy of Dear, Klairs that respects everyone's sensitivity,” said Choi Jungho, Senior Leader of Wishcompany’s Brand Strategy. He added, “We will continue to engage in various activities that allow customers to experience the core values and products of our brand in one place.”

Meanwhile, Klairs Seoul opened in 2020 and established itself as a cultural complex venue based on Seoul, the root of Dear, Klairs. Klairs Seoul collaborates with lifestyle brands, providing brand experiences in various forms, such as tea ceremonies, reading, and lectures. Providing comforting and relaxing experiences using the five senses, the brand is expanding its value into the lifestyle field.