Wishcompany’s high-functional skincare brand, By Wishtrend’s first pop-up in Korea

- From April 27 to May 6, various events and spaces will be organized under the theme of “Quick and Easy Aging Care”
- Will introduce three next-generation retinol Bakuchiol products, including the best-selling Bakuchiol Night Cream

Global beauty content company Wishcompany’s high-functional skincare brand, By Wishtrend, announced on April 25 that it will open a pop-up store at Hotel GLOSOME in Seongsu-dong, Seoul.

The upcoming pop-up store will run from April 27 to May 6 and will be the first Korean pop-up store of By Wishtrend, which is highly popular in Sweden, Vietnam, Germany, etc. By Wishtrend, which had only sold products online and had no contact point with domestic customers, plans to engage directly with local consumers through the pop-up store and focus on promoting the brand’s philosophy and the quality of its best-selling Bakuchiol product line.

The By Wishtrend pop-up store will have the concept of a bodega where visitors can enjoy Bakuchiol, the main ingredient of the products. The pop-up store will offer a variety of attractions and abundant benefits and experiences in the two areas—the play zone and the event zone. All visiting customers will receive samples of two products from the Bakuchiol line and a newspaper introducing the brand as a gift. In the main space of the play zone, visitors can try out the “Bakuchiol To-Go Vending Machine” set up under the concept of Quick and Easy Aging Care and get a miniature "Vitamin A-mazing Bakuchiol Night Cream (Bakuchiol Night Cream)."

In addition, customers can experience the Bakuchiol line products in the event zone and follow the brand’s social media account to participate in a photo-printing event. All three Bakuchiol products are available on-site with a 50% discount. Pop-up exclusive limited edition merchandise, such as coin wallets and reusable bags, will also be provided upon purchase.

“We’re delighted to introduce By Wishtrend, which had been pre-launched globally, to domestic consumers through this pop-up store,” said Choi Jungho, Senior Leader of Wishcompany’s Brand Strategy. He added, "We hope customers experience the Bakuchiol line, including the Bakuchiol Night Cream, under the limelight as the next-generation retinol."

By Wishtrend is a global high-functional skincare brand that is available online and in stores in 53 countries. The brand's representative products include “Vitamin A-mazing Bakuchiol Night Cream,” which topped the charts in the health and beauty review platform Glowpick and was nominated “Top of Top” among high-intensity Vitamin A products by the beauty YouTuber Director Pi. Recently, By Wishtrend has expanded the Bakuchiol line by launching a body lotion and sun stick.