Wishcompany launches By Wishtrend “Pore Smoothing Bakuchiol Sun Stick”

- High-functional skincare brand “By Wishtrend” expands a lineup centered around Bakuchiol, the next-generation retinol
- Alongside powerful UV protection (SPF50+ PA++++), it even functions as a primer correcting pores and irregularities



By Wishtrend, a high-functional skincare brand of the global beauty content company, Wishcompany, announced on the 15th the launch of “Pore Smoothing Bakuchiol Sun Stick (Bakuchiol Sun Stick).”

The new Bakuchiol Sun Stick is a chemical sunscreen product containing Bakuchiol, which is an ingredient under the limelight as the next-generation retinol. It’s a suncare product that helps create smooth and healthy skin, not to mention its powerful UV protection (SPF50+ PA++++).

Bakuchiol Sun Stick features a primer function that corrects pores and irregularities on the skin. It can be used to achieve smooth and flawless skin when used before applying makeup. It also provides a soft and matte finish as if you're wearing powder and can be applied frequently without having to worry about the skin going cakey.

Moreover, not only does it carry 10,000 ppm-worth of the main ingredients, Bakuchiol, but it also contains niacinamide and peptides. Through its five-times intensive pore and skin texture care, it provides intensive care of pore area, size, and number and helps improve skin elasticity and texture. It even passed the eye irritation and sweatproof tests, and therefore proved to have high resistance to sweat and sebum, and minimized eye irritations.

“We have launched a sun stick that helps skincare and UV protection simultaneously in a season with more outdoor activities and stronger UV rays,” said Choi Jungho, Senior Leader of Wishcompany’s Brand Strategy. He added, “Much love for By Wishtrend’s Bakuchiol products that help prevent aging, including the new Bakuchiol Sun Stick, will be highly appreciated.”

To celebrate the launch of the Bakuchiol Sun Stick, all three products in the Bakuchiol lineup will be available at discounted prices through the 21st via the brand’s official Naver online store. The Bakuchiol Sun Stick will be offered at a special price to celebrate its launch via Naver Shopping Live at 7 pm on the 16th.

Meanwhile, By Wishtrend expanded its Bakuchiol product lineup into three types by launching the “Pore Smoothing Bakuchiol Sun Stick.” “Vitamin A-mazing Bakuchiol Night Cream” was selected as “Top of Top” among high-intensity Vitamin A products by the beauty YouTuber Director Pi. In last February, By Wishtrend had launched the “Vitamin A-mazing Bakuchiol Body Lotion” and expanded its lineup from skincare to body care products in order to provide wider choices for consumers.